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Robyn’s New Tunic – It’s Pink and Grey Again!

23 Mar

Bonjour, mes amies! Je reviens 🙂

It’s Robyn’s turn to show off her new outfit. And it’s grey and pink again.


This is a lovely little tunic by Odile of Passion Poupees. But I think I have made it slightly too long and it is almost long enough to be a dress


The yarn used is Sirdar Snuggly 4 ply in shade 0195 (Silver) and I used a size 3.5 mm crochet hook.


The leggings are a cut up pink sock again.

I love Robyn’s red hair and freckles!


And here are three of my lovelies in grey and pink …


In the photo below it is from left to right – Jeannie, Carole and Robyn.


Bonsoir, à bientôt …

Happy New Year! – Robyn’s Hogmanay Party Dress

1 Jan


I wish all my visitors, their families and their dolls a wonderful 2013!

Back to the Hogmanay party, here is Robyn in her lovely little silver dress.



This lovely little party dress is based on Odile’s (of Passion Poupees) pattern for Marilyn Monroe’s iconic white dress. I adapted the bottom to make it a fitted slimline dress.


The yarn I used is Twilley’s Goldfingering in shade 05 (silver). And the hook size is Odile’s recommended size 3.00 mm which worked very well last time I made this dress.



I think that Robyn’s dress will impress everyone at the party!


Here is Robyn with Jeannie and Patricia at the party.


Tous Mes Meilleurs Voeux de Bonne et Heureuse Annee 2013!

Fabulous Fairisle (5) – Robyn’s Cute Top

28 Dec

Bonjour, mes amies!

Here we are – Robyn’s first garment is a little top based on Sylvie’s great pattern Tunique d’Abigail on her Poupeesdesyl site.



This is now the fifth time I have made this pattern and I have adjusted it slightly each time. For Robyn it is a little top and I have changed the bottom to have two tiers. The shoulders and top of the tunic are exactly as Sylvie’s pattern.



I used Sirdar Snuggly Baby Crofter DK in shade 171 (Lucie). At least I think it is this shade – I bought it cheaply from my local shop with a handmade label saying it was Baby Crofter DK and no other information!



Robyn is wearing her own skirt and boots. I love her freckles!


And finally, here are all five of my lovely little girls wearing their coordinating Tuniques d’Abigail!


From left to right we have Jeannie, Robyn, Annie, Carole and Patricia.

Don’t they look lovely together … But wait! Someone is missing!! Where is poor Shona? She does not have the coordinating outfit yet. Poor little girl, I hope she is not too jealous.

Passez une bonne journée, à bientôt …

Father Christmas Was Good to Me – Two New Arrivals!!!

26 Dec

Bonjour, mes amies!

Happy Boxing Day!

Yesterday Santa brought me two new little girls. My husband gave me Carole and my mum gave me Robyn. I tried to come up with two festive names for the season – and Holly had already been taken by one of my cats!

Carole arrived first thing in the morning with the rest of my presents.


This photo features the aforementioned Holly meeting Carole for the first time…


… meeting my other little girls for the first time …


… and here they all are playing in the mess of wrapping paper generated by my family.



And I collected Robyn later in the day when we all went through to my Mum’s for Christmas dinner. Here she is beside my mother’s nativity scene.



And now both of them together in front of my Xmas tree. Aren’t they lovely?


Robyn is my first redhead and she is named for the cute little garden bird with the red breast that is such an iconic symbol of winter. Carole’s name is obviously after a carol song and also an old close friend of mine. Carole is the doll I thought I had bought when I accidentally managed to buy two Camilles last week. I was so pleased and surprised that my husband chose this one for me.


I’m on holiday now so I should manage to come up with new outfits for them soon. I must go and choose some yarn and a pattern or two …

I’ll keep you posted!

Happy Boxing Day!!! À bientôt …