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Snuggly Winter Coat – Beautiful Shades of Pink and Red

12 Nov

Bonjour, mes amies!

Athough it’s not too cold here in Scotland – yet – I thought it would be a good idea to make a nice winter coat for my Cheries.  And to be honest, I’ll use any excuse to make another one of Odile’s fabulous patterns at Passion Poupees. Jeannie is my model.

This lovely coat was crocheted with a much thicker yarn than I have been using of late, and I used a size 4.50 mm hook.  It actually felt a bit strange and unwieldy to work with to begin with, as I have been using 4 ply yarn mostly up to now.

I grabbed the yarn in my local yarn shop because I thought it looked interesting and I must admit I really like the look of it crocheted up – it is also very soft – I quite fancy a hat in the yarn myself! It is by James C Brett and the yarn is Marble DK in shade MT 22 (pinks/reds).

The yarn has coloured repeats and goes through several colour changes, so I decided not to get too fancy and try and match the sleeves.  I hope it doesn’t look too odd!

The hat makes a wonderful finishing touch. I think Jeannie is ready for winter now.

Jeannie is also wearing a cut up sock and the boots are by Corolle.


And finally a big shout out to Anna3143 who left a lovely message on my blog asking for news of Scotland. Well, yesterday my son and I went to a nature reserve nearby where we live and my son, while taking pictures of birds, managed to take some pictures of Highland cows that went paddling past his hide.

So just for you, Anna, here are some images of Scotland!

The island you can see in the distance in this photo is where Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned in 1567.

Passez une bonne journée! À bientôt.