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Web Page Creation – 100 Posts !!

17 Feb

Bonjours, mes amies!

I am excited to report that the previous post was my 100th since I began my blog. I am very chuffed to say that I have 50 followers (THANK YOU ALL !!) and have had over 11,500 views and 773 comments on my posts so far.

This is a huge thank you to everyone who has come to visit my blog and especially to those who have taken the time to leave comments. This is particularly appreciated, as most of my visitors come from France and you have been very kind to visit my ‘English‘ SCOTTISH blog.

Big hugs, kisses and thanks to you all …

Gros Bises et Bisous a Toutes. MERCI !

Web Page Creation – Where Have I Been?

1 Feb

A very quick explanation for my recent absence would be that I found myself almost suffering from an obsession for these lovely dolls and I was getting myself in a state trying to post a new outfit every day!

Something had to give, so I took a step back and although I started lots of outfits I never finished any. I tried not to feel guilty about this and I am going to try and be more relaxed about when I post.


Some New Year’s resolutions include making little bottle hats for Innocent drinks, who donate 25p to a charity for the elderly for every hatted bottle sold in November. I am going to try and make at least one a week.

My other resolution is to try and complete one full sized garment each month.

And finally, I am going to (at some point this year) try and overcome my fear of my sewing machine and will try and sew some clothes for my Les Cheries.

So thank you for your patience and taking the time to read this.

Web Page Creation – Happy December!

1 Dec

A BIG thank you from Scotland!

Dunskey Castle

Now that November has finished I would like to thank all my loyal viewers from the bottom of my heart for making me feel so welcome in your wonderful community of admirers and dressers of dolls, especially Corolle’s Les Cheries and Mini Corollines.

I would thank you sincerely for your patience with my “French”, which I am dredging up from over 30 years ago at school, ably assisted (or hindered) by Google Translate.

THANK YOU for your kind comments and even a present! (merci Odile)

I am very proud that some of you have even included a link to my blog from your own websites (… and I am hoping to figure out how to add links to my favourite sites one day soon.)

Since I began posting my articles here at the end of September I have published 63 articles, I have had 4495 views of my blog, I have 33 followers and have received 328 (very kind and generous) comments.

Nearly 78 % of my views have come from France – so MERCI et BIENVENUE!

Web Page Creation – Newsletter

3 Nov

Huge shout out to Sylvie, who requested that I add a newsletter to my blog so that visitors will be notified when I publish a new article.

I am new to blogging, so quickly went off exploring to find out what she meant. I immediately subscribed to three of my favourite blogs (more to follow) and after a little research I have added the link in my blog.

Thank you, Sylvie, for the advice. I hope all my other visitors will benefit from this.

Bonne journee.

Web Site Creation – I Create a Gravatar

22 Oct

In the course of deciding it was time that I let all the wonderful people whose patterns I have been using know what I have been up to, I made an interesting discovery.

Preparing to email or post commentaries on their blogs I noticed that other commentators had a little picture beside their name.  So several Google and YouTube sessions later I now have my very own picture, introduction and link to my blog!

My son helped me crop the gorgeous picture that I am using for my background and to add my name to the image.

Web Page Creation – Resizing Photos

20 Oct

I suddenly realised that when you click on a photo in one of my posts it opens up the huge original image. I then realised that that was why I was eating into my WordPress allocation of space in memory for added media. I have managed to reach 4% already!!

I have now figured out how to resize the photos in Paint and I am going to have to go back through all my posts and resize and repost all my photos … sigh …

There may not be much in the way of new outfits for a while as I plough my way through this task. I wish I had known this at the beginning!

Web Page Creation – Reorganising Categories and Adding Tags

19 Oct

When I first created my blog I wasn’t very sensible in creating my categories. I have come up with more ‘general’ terms now and am in the process of going back through all my posts to re-categorise.

I am also trying to tag all my old posts with more specific terms. I may be overdoing the detail here – time will tell.

What I haven’t figured out yet is how to display the tags on my blog. Not really an issue as not all posts are tagged yet anyway.

I’ve also had a look at how to create and post a banner, as I would like to add one soon – I just have to find a decent graphics package somewhere.

So I guess I had better go create a new category for ‘website creation’ …

Edit: I’ve figured out how to add a Tag Cloud and add a background picture!