Skimpy Summer Outfits – a Trifle Unseasonal in October!

16 Oct

Here are two cute summery outfits based on two of Odile’s patterns at Passion Poupees. During my holiday last week I found myself waking very early in the mornings (nothing to do with the cocks crowing at the stables!) and I happily spent my time poring over Odile’s website and planning many, many outfits from there. My creaky old laptop was a very welcome distraction and I am so glad I took it with me, together with lots and lots of different balls of yarn, and crochet hooks, knitting needles and pattern books.

This gold one really needs some bikini bottoms to go under it. I hope I get around to some one day …

The white outfit is very cute but I had to really reduce the number of stitches for the top. I also found that the button of the skirt was over to one side and I wish I had reduced the number of stitiches here also. This is not at all a fault of the pattern, but rather my propensity to crochet very tightly.

Here is a clearer picture taken in daylight when I got home.

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