Camille Horse Rider Doll – wildly appropriate!

14 Oct

Great excitement yesterday as I was driving home from my holiday, as I had ordered myself a new (only my second) Corolle Les Cheries doll just before I left.

As I was going away on a week long horse riding holiday with one of my daughters, I thought that this doll was a fitting present for myself on my return. I bought her through Amazon, but she came from another retailer.

I carefully unwrapped and undressed her and was a little disappointed to find that she was a little bit grubby. Nevertheless I quickly named her Annie after my riding instructor and introduced her to Jeannie.

Here is Annie with Jeannie. Jeannie is wearing an outfit I adapted from a pattern by Odile of Passion Poupees. (I had to adapt it because I basically used DK wool instead of 4 ply and I probably used the wrong size of crochet hook as well. I had to seriously reduce the number of stitches!)

Annie is wearing an outfit from the book ‘Tenues de Poupees: 76 Modeles a Realiser’, also crocheted in DK.


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