Rosie’s Award Winning Outfit – Runner-up at the Beath Flower Show

2 Oct

I made this outfit for Rosie before Jeannie came to captivate my heart and creative fingers. It is knitted in Sirdar DK wool and I can’t now remember the needle size, but possibly 3.25 mm.

The jumper was created by me but completely inspired by a jumper for sale on Etsy by ?? I tried for ages to work out how to do the cable panel myself and then fit it into a garment. The skirt I designed myself and the shoes are from Dollytime’s original pattern. The headband was going to be a hat but I baulked at trying to transform the bandeau I had created into a hat and decided to just leave it as a headband.

The outfit was nearly finished when a friend at work heard me mention my doll and said I should enter her in the local Flower Show where she was on the committee. I rushed home and quickly finished off the shoes which needed a pom pom added. I was very excited to use my brand new pom pom maker for the very first time – a success I feel.

To enter her I didn’t have to do anything – just handed Rosie over and Ingrid did all the work of entering her. There were only 3 other outfits in the category and I was very proud to come second. Here is a picture of the certificate I received. I also won 60p prize money, but I have not yet received that!!


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