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Pretty in Pink – Another Exquisite Pattern from Passion Poupees

19 Oct

Here is an absolutely gorgeous top by Odile at Passion Poupees that I made very soon after Jeannie arrived. I haven’t posted it till now as (obviously) I still hadn’t sewn on the button at the back (I have now!)

The yarn was my first use of ‘mercerised’ cotton for crocheting and I was very pleased with the professional looking result. I used Rowan Siena shade 655 Aurora (pale pink), but now cannot remember which size of crochet hook I used.

Another reason I was unable to post a picture earlier was that I hadn’t yet come up with the rest of the outfit, but yesterday I made a lovely pair of black trousers based on one of Odile’s patterns for a Christmas theme.  I omitted the flare and lace at the bottom of the trousers in her pattern and narrowed the waistband and I think they look fine.  Well, to be honest, they look closer to fishnet tights than a pair of trousers!

Jeannie is wearing Annie’s Corolle riding boots.

Fabulous Fairisle – Annie’s Stripey Dress

18 Oct

A couple of mornings ago I knitted Annie an outfit. I hope to make another one for Jeannie soon using similar wool.

The wool is Sirdar Crofter DK in shade 50 Bracken (greeny-grey), which I managed to buy reduced from my local yarn shop as it was an end of dye lot.

The needles used were size 3.00 mm and the cute pattern is adapted from Sylvie’s tutorial at Poupeesdesyl. I lengthened the tunic top to make it a dress, although it may still be a little short. The neckline followed her pattern, but does not quite look like Sylvie’s photo, so next time I may adjust it to what I think it should be.

Ps: How do you spell ‘stripey’?

Matching Dresses – Twice the Effort

18 Oct

Two things I love – Odile’s crochet patterns at Passion Poupees and making matching outfits for Jeannie and Annie!

I made these two last weekend I am very proud of them.

Annie’s outfit was completed first and utilises Rowan Siena 4 ply mercerised cotton in shades 00654 Pasture (mint green) and 00669 Celadan (darker green).

Jeannie’s outfit was completed immediately after and this time I used Patons 100% Cotton 4 ply in shades 1702 Sky (light blue) and 1697 Denim. An absolute delight to crochet with using a 3.50 mm crochet hook.

The shoes are very cute with their little crocheted flowers.

Primrose Yellow Summer Dress and … My First Hat!!

16 Oct

Yet another fabby outfit designed and offered by Odile at Passion Poupees crocheted at the crack of dawn while on my holiday.

Jeannie came away with me and here she is perched on my antique laptop showing off this outfit just before I came home. Still to make some sandals to go with it … of course!

I used Rowan Siena 4 ply 100% mercerised cotton in shade 00657 Sunray (yellow) and the hook was a size 3.50 mm.

Skimpy Summer Outfits – a Trifle Unseasonal in October!

16 Oct

Here are two cute summery outfits based on two of Odile’s patterns at Passion Poupees. During my holiday last week I found myself waking very early in the mornings (nothing to do with the cocks crowing at the stables!) and I happily spent my time poring over Odile’s website and planning many, many outfits from there. My creaky old laptop was a very welcome distraction and I am so glad I took it with me, together with lots and lots of different balls of yarn, and crochet hooks, knitting needles and pattern books.

This gold one really needs some bikini bottoms to go under it. I hope I get around to some one day …

The white outfit is very cute but I had to really reduce the number of stitches for the top. I also found that the button of the skirt was over to one side and I wish I had reduced the number of stitiches here also. This is not at all a fault of the pattern, but rather my propensity to crochet very tightly.

Here is a clearer picture taken in daylight when I got home.

Jeannie’s pretty white dress – she’s so cute!

2 Oct

Here is my first complete outfit for Jeannie including shoes and a ribbon for her hair.

This gorgeous pattern is available from Patricia on her blog 1000 et 1 Choses (1000 and 1 Things). Although I have discovered I seem to be a very tight knitter and crocheter I think this outfit is a little loose on Jeannie, because I did not have any 2.5 mm knitting needles (not available as standard in the UK) and I used 2.75 mm. In retrospect I wish I had used size 2.25 mm, as I feel the body, knitted in 1/1 rib, would have been neater. The shoes are crocheted with a 3.5 mm hook using the pattern by Sylvie at Poupeesdesyl.

Here are some photos taken later in daylight – still gorgeous!

Jeannie’s sophisticated green dress – where’s the cocktail party?

2 Oct

Inspired by someone’s blog (for the life of me, I cannot find this again), I too adapted the Stick Barbie pattern no 385 using her adjustments.

I found I also had to enlarge the armholes considerably, but the result is a beautiful snug fit (perhaps too snug – maybe even larger needles would have been better.)

The shoes were crocheted later with a 3.0 mm hook and are my first attempt at designing my own! I used a DK yarn from Stylecraft colour 1065 Meadow.


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